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World’s biggest floating wind turbine available online

Press Release

In this new decade, everyone wants to receive some positive news, and it supposed to be that way. This week, we finally got some: the biggest floating wind turbine to this present day availed itself online off the shoreline of Portugal. 

One of the three platforms, which will add up to the Wind Float Atlantic shoreline wind fields, was connected to the network by the use of a 120-kilometer long cable on 31 December, last year. 

Immediately the other two avail themselves online, Wind Float will get the opportunity to serve out enough clean energy for around 60,000 homesteads. 

Floating wind fields can use the mighty winds as an advantage since they come from on the clean sea or ocean. However, we must put into consideration the logistical challenges; such a first ground did not start giving out electricity until 2017, and this means that it is still in its early days of using such a technology. 

These new floating electricity generators need a firm fixation to be in a position to withstand massive movements produced by strong winds and waves the rotation of the turbines in particular. 

To overcome this problem, Wind float designer, Principle power fixed their turbines to the seabed at a distance of 100 meters (328 feet).

Each of the three floating systems that fill in the field is 30 meters (approximately 100 feet) in height; they are the biggest floating wind turbines up to this present day. After they start functioning together, they will be able to manage a capacity of 25 megawatts. The fixation of the Wind Float will be approximately 20 kilometers (1.24 miles) off the shorelines of Viana do Castello. 

A smaller Wind Float prototype was in a mission off the shores of Portugal between the years 2011 and 2016, making it proof of the idea. 

To overcome some of the problems concerned with the construction of the floating wind fields, Principle Power carried out a number of the buildings on the ground first before transporting the turbine into the position. 

Joao Metelo, who is the Principle Power leading manager, told ReNews that the appointing of the Wind Float Atlantic mission displays the growth and readiness in being part of the business of floating offshore wind technology. Extended placement of this technology, which brings profound changes in the game, would strengthen the security of that particular energy and help the authorities handle crises concerning climate as fast as they can and at large. It also creates several opportunities for the employment sector and promotes the growth of the economy. 

By Justin Barney

After working for 10 years in various start-ups and studying multiple business models, Justin finally settled with the creation of Feed Road that revolutionizes the existing journalistic patterns. With his experience, he jots down business articles for Feed Road that are exciting to read.