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Virgin to Launch Its Plans This Year

Press Release

After having no plan to start launches in the year 2019, the Virgin Orbit now thinks to implement its first orbital launch challenge in early 2020, which is an essential year for the developing small launch vehicle industry.

In a statement issued on 19th December 2019, the Virgin Orbit went on to say that it currently can perform forthcoming orbital sample flight in early 2020 as it finalizes rehearsals of launch arrangements at Mojave Air as well as Space Port in California.

In the same statement, the Virgin Orbit went on to say that it does have plans to execute a taxi experiment of “Cosmic Girl,” its improved Boeing 747 airplane, with the LauncherOne vehicle attached. The sample will be a captive transport flight where rocket will stay fixed on the plane during the trip. The company said after that they would celebrate the effort we have put into launching a demonstration.

In the beginning of the year 2019, there were plans to unveil the first LaunchOne Mission before end of the year, the above was said by Dan Hart who is the senior executive officer of the Virgin Orbit during World Satellite Business Week conference in France Paris on September 11, 2019, the company had hopes that the orbital launch is going to take place at the Centre of the fall.

In the next six weeks or eight weeks, they will fire engines on next drop test as well as at a  speed of eighteen and a half thousand (18,500) miles per hour on the Earth’s orbit, starting to drop off the satellites, this was said by Richard Branson who is the founder of Virgin Group, on 16 September  2019 during the presentation at Air Force Association’s Air, Cyber Symposium  and space which was outside Washington

The company did not disclose the reason it missed the schedule for the orbital flight test. It directed to growth issues in its report, went on to note that there were times where Murphy ’s Law taught some new lessons but was not more exact.

If the initial flight will be a success, the Virgin Orbit will be ready to start moving into normal operations quickly. The firm went on to announce that it does have the flight hardware in the Long Beach, the California factory for half a dozen rockets as well as is in the process of developing automation to help them build more. 

Virgin Orbit has not open-up it a plan for forthcoming launches, but according to NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative Website, it stated that it would fly ten CubeSats during the 2nd flight of LauncherOne, planned for early or mid of February. The remaining CubeSat will operate on the future LauncherOne mission, scheduled at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2020, which will happen in Andersen Air Force Base that is located in Guam. 

By Justin Barney

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