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Virgin Galactic to go ahead with its work on SpaceShipTwo vehicles 

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Virgin Galactic is taking a step in the making of its next SpaceShipTwo suborbital spacecraft; even though the firm says few concerning the date its SpaceShipTwo will be ready to take up again its flight attempts. 

In a statement made on 8 January, Virgin Galactic pronounced that the next SpaceShipTwo-vehicle accomplished a step known as ‘weight on wheels,’ where the car provided support for itself by use of a landing gear. All the crucial operational essentials of the vehicle are all set and ready for the next move. 

The firm said that the vehicle achieved the ‘weight on wheels’ phase of achievement ‘significantly quicker’ as compared to the previous car, VSS Unity, even though it did not quantify the rate at which the speed was. The firm attributed quicker manufacture to ‘a more effective, flexible assembly process, also familiarity bend benefits.’

The new SpaceShipTwo still has a critical mission ahead of it before it prepares for other space flight tests. Virgin said that the forthcoming mission entails linking the incorporated structures of the vehicle and winding up of the ‘final system closeouts,’ followed by earth experiments. The entity did not reveal a schedule for completing the car or debuting on flight tests. 

George Whitesides, who is the chief executive of Virgin Galactic, said in a statement that the team has two space ships as of the present time, with which the experts are done making its systems, and their third one on the lane of progress. The firm said that the third vehicle is on the phase of fabrication. The space ships destine to provide transformative skills to the majority of the space explorers by undertaking frequent journeys to space. 

The update of the firm concerning the new Space Ship 2 vehicle was not clearly stated, and there was no information about VSS Unity. The car carried out its suborbital flight test in February of last year, after which the firm said it would then ensemble the log cabin of the space ship for business flights and perform some other modifications. 

In a comment, Virgin Galactic administrators said that the replies on the last summer and fall were not actual concerning when the day that the activities would be complete and VSS Unity conveyed from the production department of the firm in Mojave, California to Spaceport America in New Mexico for its final stages of the test flight.

By Justin Barney

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