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Unclear Plan for DoD to obtain Wideband communication satellite

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According to the reports from Washington, Pentagon has not planned on how it will overcome the needs of the wideband satellite that will be used by the military during its operations for communication, although it has used many years studying the challenges it contains. 

In a study done in June 2018 with a speck, “Wideband Satellite Communications Service Analysis of Alternatives,” commonly known as Wideband AoA, developed ways on how to process, but DoD has not made any progress to ensure the recommendations attained.  This report was according to the watchdog agency report released on 19th December 2019.

The congress made this Wideband Study in the year 2016 during the National Defense Authorization Act. The Act authorizes DoD to come up with the ways it will change the current Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) satellite that is estimated to stop functioning at the beginning of the 2030s. In 2017, NDAA gave GAO the mandate to review DoD’s findings.

GAO reported that the AoA came with the analysis that showed that the inclusion of purpose-built satellite and commercial systems into one hybrid architecture would reduce the amount used and make more proficiency than any other purpose-built or business system.  DoD combines purpose-built and commercial Satcom agreements but has never managed any operations in history.

GAO added that the Wideband AoA, DoD came with the findings that any post-WGS results must follow to give purpose-built Satcom proficiency.  The report demonstrated that some users need X-band communication while arrangements provide shallow X-band communications. 

The director in charge of contracting and national security acquisition, Cristina Chaplain, reported that AoA was detailed and required the right questions. Moreover, after finishing its duty after one year, no schedule has been placed to control and manage the implementation of AoA findings. If the plans with not be factored in, DoD is at danger of not containing any data that it requires to make the time-based, correct decision in the coming systems to form an essential communication for the military operations. 

GAO informed the plan to increase the satellite by two more was to provide room to DoD to work on AoA findings. Although the seven years development period for the space system, DoD will have to find ways to implement the results so that the developed satellite will be there when required.

According to GAO, satellite contains different parts, and DoD will be required to come up with a schedule to obtain user terminal. Dod has planned a way that it will consolidate user terminal procurement, but it has not achieved it

By Justin Barney

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