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Smart Transportation Market By Transportation Mode Roadways Railways By Component Solutions Advanced Traffic Management System Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety System Advanced Public Transportation System Advanced Transportation Pricing System Advanced Commercial Vehicle Operation System Advanced Traveler Information System and Services Implementation and Integration Services Support and Maintenance Services Training and Consulting Services By Application Safety and Secu

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Report Title: Global Smart Transportation Market – Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecast up to 2025

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The market research report by Infoholic Research includes a detailed segmentation of the global smart transportation market by transportation mode (roadways and railways), by components (solutions [advanced traffic management system, advanced vehicle control and safety system, advanced public transportation system, advanced transportation pricing system, advanced commercial vehicle operation system, advanced traveler information system, and others] and services [implementation & integration services, support & maintenance services, and training & consulting services]), by applications (safety & security, autonomous/connected cars, traffic management, shared mobility, route guidance, and others), and by regions (North America, Europe, APAC, and RoW). The market research report identifies Cisco, IBM, Siemens, Thales Group, SAP, Oracle, Kapsch TrafficCom, Cubic Corporation, TomTom, and Clever Devices as the major vendors operating in the global smart transportation market.

Overview of the Smart Transportation Market
Infoholic’s market research report predicts that the global smart transportation market will grow at a CAGR of more than 18% during the forecast period 2019–2025. Smart transportation refers to the integration of advanced technologies in traditional transportation systems. These advanced technologies are offering innovative services related to traffic management and are helping commuters to smartly and safely use transport networks. Smart transportation focuses on combining different modes of transport to offer commuters the best possible and suitable mobility solution. Several transport managers have started adopting an intelligent transport system with medium and long-term plans to incorporate technology solutions for actively managing traffic and making informed decisions.
According to the smart transportation industry analysis, Europe accounted for the largest share of the global smart transportation market in 2019. Factors leading toward the market growth of smart transportation in Europe include growing awareness of intelligent transport systems and increasing partnerships between government & private vendors to resolve traffic issues and increase the level of road safety. The Asia Pacific region is expected to witness the fastest growth rate during the forecast period 2019–2025.

Smart Transportation Market Research Competitive Analysis and Key Vendors
The report covers and analyzes the global smart transportation market. Major vendors across different verticals are planning for high investments in this market, and as a result, the smart transportation market is expected to grow at an impressive rate in the coming years. The key players in this market are adopting various organic as well as inorganic growth strategies, such as mergers & acquisitions, collaborations & partnerships, joint ventures, and few other strategies, to be in a strong position in the market.

Few of the Key Vendors in the Smart Transportation Market Research:

• Cisco
• Siemens
• Thales Group
• Oracle
• Kapsch TrafficCom
• Cubic Corporation
• TomTom
• Clever Devices

IBM Intelligent Transport Solutions offer traffic awareness, predictions, and analyses for traffic and fleet operations. IBM is helping leading cities worldwide to evolve their transport systems.

There are numerous other vendors that have been studied based on the portfolio, geographical presence, marketing & distribution channels, revenue generation, and significant investments in R&D for analysis of the entire ecosystem.
Smart Transportation Market Research, By Transportation Mode
• Roadways
• Railways
The roadways segment is estimated to hold the largest market share and is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period as smart transportation offers end-to-end connectivity between roads and drivers.
Smart Transportation Market Research, By Components
• Solutions
o Advanced Traffic Management System
o Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety System
o Advanced Public Transportation System
o Advanced Transportation Pricing System
o Advanced Commercial Vehicle Operation System
o Advanced Traveler Information System
o Others
• Services
o Implementation & Integration Services
o Support & Maintenance Services
o Training & Consulting Services
The services segment is expected to witness significant growth at the highest CAGR, owing to the increasing need for integrating smart transportation solutions as per the requirements.
Smart Transportation Market Research, By Application
• Safety & Security
• Autonomous/Connected Cars
• Traffic Management
• Shared Mobility
• Route Guidance
• Others
The traffic management segment is estimated to hold the largest market share in 2019. Traffic congestions have increased the number of road accidents as well as logistics fee for organizations, which increases the demand for smart technology solutions to manage traffic.

Smart Transportation Market Research Benefits
The report by Infoholic Research provides an in-depth analysis of the global smart transportation market. The report discusses the market in terms of transportation mode, solutions, services, applications, and regions. Further, the report also provides details about the drivers, opportunities, and major challenges impacting the market growth.

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Table of Contents

Table of Content

1 Executive Summary
1.1 Synopsis of Key Findings
2 Industry Outlook
2.1 Overview
2.2 Key Industry Trends
3 Market Snapshot
3.1 Total Addressable Market
3.2 Segmented Addressable Market
3.2.1 PEST Analysis
3.2.2 Porter’s Five Force Analysis
3.3 Related Markets
4 Market Characteristics
4.1 Market Ecosystem
4.2 Market Segmentation
4.3 Market Dynamics
4.3.1 Market Drivers
4.3.2 Market Restraints
4.3.3 Market Opportunities
4.3.4 DRO – Impact Analysis
5 Global Smart Transportation Market, By Transportation Mode
5.1 Overview
5.2 Roadways
5.3 Railways
6 Global Smart Transportation Market, By Component
6.1 Overview
6.2 Solutions
6.2.1 Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)
6.2.2 Advanced Vehicle Control & Safety System (AVCSS)
6.2.3 Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS)
6.2.4 Advanced Transportation Pricing System (APTS)
6.2.5 Advanced Commercial Vehicle Operation System (ACVOS)
6.2.6 Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS)
6.2.7 Others
6.3 Services
6.3.1 Implementation & Integration Services
6.3.2 Support & Maintenance Services
6.3.3 Training & Consulting Services
7 Global Smart Transportation Market, By Application
7.1 Overview
7.2 Safety & Security
7.3 Autonomous/Connected Cars
7.4 Traffic Management
7.5 Shared Mobility
7.6 Route Guidance
7.7 Others
8 Global Smart Transportation Market, By Region
8.1 Overview
8.2 North America
8.2.1 US
8.2.2 Canada
8.3 Europe
8.3.1 Germany
8.3.2 UK
8.3.3 Rest of Europe
8.4 APAC
8.4.1 China
8.4.2 India
8.4.3 Rest of APAC
8.5 RoW
9.5.1 MEA
9.5.2 Latin America
9 Competitive Landscape
9.1 Competitor Analysis
9.2 Product/Offerings Portfolio Analysis
9.3 Market Developments
9.3.1 Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Expansions, Partnerships
9.3.2 Business Restructuring
9.3.3 Product Launches & Exhibitions
10 Vendors Profile
10.1 Cisco
10.1.1 Analyst Opinion
10.1.2 Business Analysis
10.2 IBM
10.2.1 Analyst Opinion
10.2.2 Business Analysis
10.3 Siemens
10.3.1 Analyst Opinion
10.3.2 Business Analysis
10.4 Thales
10.4.1 Analyst Opinion
10.4.2 Business Analysis
10.5 SAP
10.5.1 Analyst Opinion
10.5.2 Business Analysis
10.6 Oracle
10.6.1 Analyst Opinion
10.6.2 Business Analysis
10.7 Kapsch TrafficCom
10.7.1 Analyst Opinion
10.7.2 Business Analysis
10.8 Cubic Corporation
10.8.1 Analyst Opinion
10.8.2 Business Analysis
10.9 TomTom
10.9.1 Analyst Opinion
10.9.2 Business Analysis
10.10 Clever Devices
10.10.1 Analyst Opinion
10.10.2 Business Analysis
10.11 Alstom
10.12 Telit
11 Annexure
11.1 Report Scope
11.2 Market Definition
11.3 Research Methodology
11.3.1 Data Collation & In-house Estimation
11.3.2 Market Triangulation
11.3.3 Forecasting
11.4 Study Declarations
11.5 Report Assumptions
11.6 Stakeholders
11.7 Abbreviations?

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