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New Satellite information department to head in climatic studies

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On December 30 last year (2019), ministers pronounced going back for a research study to analyze images from the satellites, which will aid them in making predictions effects of changes in climate. This will lead to giving vital data to the state authorities, and in turn, take useful actions on the future environment. 

The satellite data center, which costs 5 million euros, will entail the University of Edinburg and the University of Leeds in using satellite technology to aid manage the changes in the climate, such as assisting to reduce the exposure of people to effects to floods. The data center will include 50 Ph.D. research professionals, who will help in the handling of changes occurring in the climate. 

The measurements taken for the satellites concerning the increase of altitudes, emission of greenhouse gases, and melting of glaciers will help lawmakers, state authorities, and firms have a broader comprehension of the effects of climatic changes and provide strategies. 

This particular knowledge and information could lead to revisiting of older preventative measures on delicate sectors such as identifying areas exposed to flooding, fixing the flood-prone areas to avoid damage to the cities and towns, pointing out the various pollution levels occurring at residing and industrial locations. 

Doctor Anna Hogg, who is the coordinator of the Center in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, stated that the satellite used for observing the earth gathers over a hundred terabytes of information every single day. It also conveys vital information concerning the speed-taking place in the flow of glaciers, the size of fires occurring in forests, especially in the Amazon Forest, and lastly, the quality of the oxygen we breathe. 

Doctor Anna Hogg sees the great chance the team has in developing the community of research experts at large with expertise and acquaintance in measuring the changes occurring in the environment. 

Doctor Edward Mitchard, who is the center forerunner at the University of Edinburg, said that the staff is searching for exceptional contestants from the fields of environmental science, mathematics, physics, and engineering, and computer science departments to partake a Ph.D. in their pioneering and impressive center. 

The learners will be part of jovial, wide-ranging, and motivating research surroundings, with management from researchers, who lead in earth explorations. Working with the United Kingdom Space Agency will offer the learners unique chances to partake in various activities in the larger community. 

By Justin Barney

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