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New EVs hold a lot of Promise 

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Electric vehicles are taking over the transport industry. Innovations in the transportation industry are popping up daily. From sporty Mustangs to Hummers, no car will not be electric in a few years. This realization brings to it that electric vehicles production can surpass internal combustion engine vehicles sales by 2030 

However, this reality might take a while to come to fruition. Take, for instance, the situation where electric vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show were a limited number compared to the vastly available internal combustion engines. 

During the exhibition of the Mustang March-E, Ford’s global head of electrification Ted Cannis attested to the fact that the industry is moving toward embracing fully electric cars. Despite the slightly lacking enthusiasm in electronic car production, its prospects are catching on rather well 

Electric vehicles are taking the world by storm. Yet the numbers in sales do not correspond with the enthusiasm that first hit the electric vehicle market. Among the teasing for the slow integration of electric vehicles are concerns over the range, expensive batteries, and limited charging networks 

This notion came to a diminishing stop with the launch of the Tesla Model A that took care of these concerns by providing fast lighting acceleration, long-range operation with a single charge. Teslas Model a sales are close to a total of 367500 that propelled the company’s value to a whopping $100billion a number larger than the value of ford and GM auto companies combined 

Joining the scene is EV start-up Rivian set to begin production of its electric pick up truck with an impressive range and massive specs. Though Rivian debuted its pickup truck in the last year, its production is set for this year. However, Tesla and Rivian models were not included in this year’s auto show despite a big enthusiastic cult following. Never the less EVs still managed to make a show with 10 hitting the display stands. Among some of the most prominent displays were the: 

Ford Mustang March E 

This is Ford’s first but magnificent stab at the electronic vehicle market. Ford’s EV comes as an all-wheel-drive sports vehicle with two trims available, namely the standard with a $44000 price tag and a much higher priced GT model that goes for $60000. Both trims cover at least 250 miles on a single charge. The company also announced its pickup truck set to debut soon 

Audi e-Tron 

German automaker Audi put its e-Tron on display for this year’s show. The e-Tron is an all-wheel-drive SUV able to cover 204mikes on a single charge. According to Audi executives, the E-Tron’s range is sufficient to cater for most daily commutes ranging 30miles 

Chevrolet Bolt 

Chevrolet was not to be left behind with the display of their Chevrolet Bolt. The Bolt, which was launched as a concept in 2017, is an electric subcompact that has come to cross the 200000 sales milestone with ease. The Bold pushes a 259-mile range and goes for $37000

With a budding industry in hand, the future of electric vehicles looks promising ahead. However only time will tell how much of a success electric cars will be 

By Justin Barney

After working for 10 years in various start-ups and studying multiple business models, Justin finally settled with the creation of Feed Road that revolutionizes the existing journalistic patterns. With his experience, he jots down business articles for Feed Road that are exciting to read.