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NASA thinks over the next steps for Boeing’s Starliner space traveler taxi following a shortened experiment on the flight 

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A closure concerning the environment is now under consideration over Boeing CST-100 Starliner space ship shortly following its land on White Sands situated in New Mexico on December 22, last year (2019). NASA named the pod ‘Calypso’ after their space traveler Suni Williams. The cosmonaut will issue command concerning its next re-flight. This will take a little longer before we come to know the next journey of the Starliner pod into space.   

On December 20 last year, the Starliner lifted off on an uncrewed operation known as the ‘Orbital Flight Test’ (OFT), which was developed to illustrate the capabilities of the pod to fly NASA space explorers to and from the International Space Station (ISS). 

 Orbital Flight Test was to stay for eight days and feature a self-directed docking with the station. However, Starliner experienced a malfunction with its aboard timing structure shortly after the launch and lacked what to do next in a trajectory that was very low to allow engagement with the International Space Station.  The pod, which can be recycled, ended up skyrocketing around the earth by itself for 48 hours and then landing for an image-perfect in White Sands Missiles Range of the New Mexico on 22 December. 

The actual plan called for the Orbital Flight Test to come before a crewed mission for an illustration to the International Space Station. That idea is still on the table regardless of the problems with the flight that occurred in December. This was as per Jim Bridenstine, who is a NASA officer. 

Currently, NASA is assessing the information received during the operation to establish if they require another uncrewed display. The members anticipate the decision to take a little longer as the members take their time to assess this. 

The new method of NASA is to establish if NASA and Boeing received full information to authenticate the overall presentation of the system, which entails lifting off, ongoing orbit missions, guidance, exploration, and control docking or undocking to the space station.  However, information from the uncrewed experiment is very vital for purposes of official recognition since this may not be the only way Boeing as demonstrating its abilities of the structure. 

Bridestone made it to the public that NASA and Boeing have a partnership to examine the malfunction of the Starliner timing and come up with a solution to prevent the same incident from happening in the future.  

By Justin Barney

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