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Creditors demand to exhume the body of the dead cryptocurrency exec who owes them $250 million USD

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In late January, the wife of the founder of cryptocurrency comes publicly as she testifies that her late husband took approximately $137 million of assets of his buyers to the grave with him. No one had an idea of his password to an encrypted laptop he used during transactions. As we speak now, angered investors demand exhumation of his carcass to confirm if he is dead.

The arousing story was first reported in February when the wife of the founder of QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency, Gerry Cotten gave out a legal signed document where she made a sworn statement stating that he passed away unexpectedly while on a retreat in India. He was 30 years of age. The sources assert that the reason behind his death was complications of Crohn’s disease, which is a bowel state that rarely leads to death. During that time, QuadrigaCX lost control of about $137 million, which his late husband had planned for the assets of his buyers. Her late husband kept the money in a laptop, which is as per the document signed by his widow. She says that only his late husband knew the password.

Jennifer Robertson, the widow testifies that she never had an encounter with the password top of the laptop nor a recovery key. His late husband kept the laptop in a cold wallet which is digital. There was no internet connection to the cold wallet. Adding to that, the victims reported that at least $137 million stores in the digital coin, which belonged to over 100,000 buyers, and the other $53 million connected to disputes with other organizations.

Robertson testified that she did her frequent search of the password but with vain. She never came across any clue concerning the password. She even hired password crackers to try to decrypt the password but they even failed. There seems to be no sign of arriving at the solution. The experts even tried to hack the laptop but they did not succeed.

On Tuesday, as The New York Times reports, the total amount exchange that the staff failed to come across totaled up to $250 million. In the meantime, law enforcement staff from Canada, where QuadrigaCX is situated and in the United States are carrying out speculations on potential mistakes concerning that particular amount of money. His customers are suspecting that he might be alive and hidden somewhere. They want proof that he is actually dead.

By Justin Barney

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