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Apple to work on satellite technology to ease direct wireless data transfer for iPhone

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According to Bloomberg News, Apple is working on satellite technology since it has employed many aerospace experts to create a team together with satellite and antenna professions. This is a report as per the Bloomberg News. The report states that this is an initial-stage task, which can still undergo disposal. The primary purpose of the staff members is to enable development and progress in the communication satellite in that they can send and receive information regularly to the customers and their user devices such as the iPhone. The experts are also ensuring there is connectivity between iPhone and Apple devices without introducing a third party network. 

According to Bloomberg News, Apple will inevitably be making its satellite hardware, but rather make mere transfer devices or base equipment to ensure there is the transmission of information for orbital communication equipment. In addition, this particular technology is applied in conveying information instantly to the Apple customers, or it can be used in connecting the customer directly to each other instead of using a cellphone carrier data connection. The technology is used to produce a more accurate location for better services such as locating certain areas or points and other guidance. 

Apple has employed both executives and experts form aerospace and satellite entity. They include; Skybox imaging alumni Michaela Trela and John Fenwick, who are the leaders in the team. Previously, the two engineers led up the satellite and spacecraft division of Google. Other employed experts are Ashley Moore Williams, who was a preceding Executive for Aerospace Corporation among other personnel from wireless networking and content-conveyance entities. 

The plan of developing an information network from space constantly to devices looks impressive on its face since most information communications satellites need communication with base locations that can transfer data with end-point tools. However, it is not an idea that is not popular since the proposal meeting took place during the start of this year to Lynk (formerly Ubiquitilink)-an entity that is majors on developing a related Earth Orbit communications satellites constellation, which can convey information to phones consistently.

The foremost aims of Lynk directed out on what an additional network could give out on top of a frequent iPhone carrier service. The new entity aims to provide essential international roaming with a connection level that is not in a handy location since one can access it from a ground-based network, which does not depend on local infrastructure.   

By Justin Barney

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