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45th space wing to lift off for first time under the US Space Force

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The SpaceX lifting off satellites planned for January 6 will occur from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station located at Florida Space Coast. This marks the first lift-off to take place this year and the 45th inaugural lifting off Space Wing as among the United States Space Force. 

The forty-fifth Space Wing, whose headquarters are in Patrick Air Force Base, Fla, supervises the planning and lifting of United States authorities and business satellites from the Cape Canaveral and controls the Eastern range. It belongs to one of the five Air Force space branches that have received an allocation to United States Space Force, where it started to work officially on 20 December, last year (2019). This came after President Donald Trump signed National Defense Authorization Act, which formed United States, Space Force, as its sixth arm of the armed forces.   

The Branch leader, Brig General Doug Schiess, stated that the team is excited about the forty-fifth Space Wing, which will be one of the Space Force of United States. He added that the forty-fifth space branch would go ahead with its functions, and the progress to the Space force will remain the same, nothing will change. 

The information concerning the structure and team members of United States Space Force that will take 18 months to figure out. As per now, the Space Force will entail uniformed and normal people working under the Air Force Space Command.  The Air Force Space Personal Commander people have received an assignment of working with the Space Force. Still and all, they will always be under pilots situated in United States Air Force. For the coming year, the Air Force will produce a plan of a process that will permit service staff to leave the Air Force and get an official transfer into the Space Force. 

There are approximately 16,000 Air Force staff, which gives support to the five branches of space, and currently, they are part of the new wing. Apart from the forty-fifth Space Wing Florida, there are also other wings such as the 30th Space Wing situated at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, the 21st Space Wing located in Paterson Air Force in Colorado, the 50th Space Wing situated at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado and the 46th Space Wing situated at Buckley Air Force Base Colorado. 


By Justin Barney

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